武士道 – Description

武士道 – Description

Meteoroscape photography expressed the “The difference in original performance is not a decisive difference in strength.”

■ Description

You may think that it was the usual otaku topic, but this time it’s the anime movie “Demon Slayer”, which has recorded a big hit nationwide in Japan.

It is a big fever. Some might even say that people disregard poor tokyo governor who says, “Let’s avoid the state densenly packed” and gathered in the movie theater to go out. Naturally, why is that so? you must have doubts.

It has been pointed out that everyone is hungry for entertainment due to coronal disaster, and that screening schedules for movie theaters that cannot normally be assembled can be assembled. What I would like to add to it personally is its layered (original-reproduction) structure.

First of all, the animation was far beyond that of the original manga. In particular, the excitement near the final episode is like another dimension, and I think that the anime has a quality that attracts any people first time at a glance. There is no doubt that the hero is an anime production company.

Next, when move your eyes to the original manga, you should be drawn to the character modeling that the main character is only a reproduction of Samurai. People who are neither samurai nor swordsman take swords for their families and fight, and until the end they do not get any stronger power than “real” samurai. However, the charm is born there.

So what about Samurai, which will be the source of this?

The person who visited the village of Yagyu and saw the Itto-seki (picture above) is sure to have the thought betrayed. There should be no person to cut the rock like this with the sword. It must be a little mischief of masons. Guessing from the surrounding fields, it seems that it is not large enough to make hundreds of swordsmans eat.

Then, the question arise; could have been really exist the “Kensei” himself, or “Bushido” ? I cannot help thinking about such a (original – reproduction) structure.

Then, I want you to recall the addressing of the corona disaster of this time again. A complete amateur is trying to take measures by imitating the appearance, and to defeat the demon for the families.

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