Farewell Rewinded – Description

Farewell Rewinded – Description

Scenes of “Wish they were rewinded” based on Pink color

■ Description

The stoic work “Farewell” which focuses on one piece of the flower scattered from cherry trees was set in Shimokitazawa, but the area around Omi Jingu seems to be exactly suitable for the stage as well.

So, the same story is again. There is also a combination with the simultaneous release of “Untitled“.

Although it is the same story, this time it consists of an image of cherry blossoms that should have fallen into the river revived by the lucky punch. I thought that this might be an angle of our society and put it in, though it was not the one that I was able to aime at the time of shooting actually.

The other day I noticed “Farewell” was just four years ago, but this year we experienced the postponed Olympics, so this year I’d like to make Self Homage actively that seems to make me think about things.

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■ Identification

SeriesFarewell Rewinded
Captured Date2020.04.05
Reproduction Limit2
ID Historyfarewellrew,

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