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Meteoroscape photography expressed “Nagisa, where we find the shape which disappears”

■ Description

As for the shooting method, it is the same as SEVEN AND THE HALF, but it is here that “contemporary” matter has finally come to be captured besides myself.

Though you may feel that this is a bit far fetched idea from the earthquake incident since this is photographs of a beach that is copied to “Artistic” only, in addition, was taken nearly one year later. So I want to add one thing.

This was a time when a doubt has not yet cleared up, which the radioactive materials are scattering widespread, and so-called ‘disaster garbage’ was concentrated in the disaster area and was a problem. I, who was doing some related work at that time, did the interview voluntarily because there was a doubt whether it was really safe for other municipalities to accept the garbage in the disaster area. So “I went to the site to search for the truth”.

That’s why it’s not Fukushima, it’s Sendai.

The locals were unexpectedly calm. In addition, as the scientific investigation has shown in advance, the physical condition change such as sudden nosebleeds does not occur naturally. Then, it came to the conclusion that the dispersion acceptance was not a problem. All that was left was to get over the doubt.

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Captured Date2012.01.01
Reproduction Limit1
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