MERRY…? – Description

MERRY…? – Description

Meteoroscape photography expressed the “Season when the greetings become awkward”

■ Description

Because there are limited opportunities to create works with elements of Contenporecence such as “岐路”, this work was hardly inspired.

You might have been not sure what was divided into two films that were published at the same time, but now I divided the categories into the “Photographic” and “Graphic” in the update. How do you like it?

Photography is a relatively new art technique compared to painting, so it may be more conservative. The majority of them are idea-theory photographs made of artisanal skills and techniques, and gorgeous and design-like photographs that add personality and sense to them. In other words, even though we’re using a camera, it’s “Graphic”.

Isn’t there a few opportunities, at least in Japan, where you can experience the works that can be said to be “contemporary art” photographs, is there? It was the first time that I learned photography of that sort as knowledge while studying abroad. I was aware of its existence that then.

(I want to confess here that I used to think Nobuyoshi Araki was just a pervert old man, who take hentai photographs for magazines.)

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■ Identification

Captured Date2016.11.21
Reproduction Limit1
ID Historymerry, merry_REPLAY, merry_re,
NoticeAdded 02-06 on ID: merry_REPLAY, but canceled at ID: merry_re,

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