シスイ – Description

シスイ – Description

Scenes of “Reflection” based on Blue color

■ Description

The stone garden at Ryoan-ji temple is noisy all year round with tourists and school excursion students. Still, I feel warmth of wisdom persons of old days left and something opens our eyes.

However, of course, it’s just feels like that. In the pamphlet prepared does not talk about enlightenments, religious wording or the reason stones used instead of water.

Who built it, what is decorated; the hard and historical facts are queued up. It is the victory of the science exactly.

However, finished one work, and it was one paragraph. But can’t think of anywhere to take the next step.

It is difficult at such time.

Humans are not an eternal thing like a stone. We are rather like water that mirroring images are projected.

However, the shadow which shakes in the wind passes one moment, and it stops at the original appearance again,

One annoying truth is known, and the One

opens the New gate.

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