Project Meteoroscape

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ Contemporary Art Project Overview

Welcome to the lands’ end of the Internet!

[METEOROSCAPE], the scenery of phenomena that should be found infinite number of it between Heaven and the Earth. There, we make decisions to choose according to our own sensibilities. Then the result begins to create its individuality little by little…This is our creativity, and we boldly believe it is the source of your creativity as well.

Because the main aim of this Contemporary Art PROJECT METEOROSCAPE is to create the “One and Only” by “an Individual” by molding the individuality that resides in it.

Have fun! 😉

OriginatorItsuki Kujo
Activity DetailsBased on photographic works, we creates works that look at our daily life from a metaphysical point of view, in which we make and transfer reproductions, and reexamine the meaning of such actions.
AimTo create the One and Only by an Individual
Catchphraseそれは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———


■ Art and Photography

In this project, we are presenting a photo-based work. And the photographic works are divided into two categories: Photographic and Graphic.

[Photographic] are works that make sense to keep the present age literally in photography, because the timing of photography and the backgrounds of the creation of the work are important.

[Graphic] emphasizes design, such as the color shape to be shot.

Why is this classification necessary? Because it gives us a clue to see our daily life from a metaphysical point of view, which is discussed in detail in the section [Art and Photography].

■ Recommended Works

夏の終わりとニンジャ・ハードボイルド・ワンダーランド – Photographic Works

August, 2021

I looked for “The end of summer” in a vast Ninja village farm around the Iga Railway…

■ “Transfer” as Performance of Art

This project contains an art performance in which photographic works, which appear to be infinitely reproducible, are “transferred” to support the conceptual work, [The Relationship between Source and Reproduction]. This performance requires not only the transferee, the project operator, but also the recipient, the transferee. We look forward to your participation.

Transfer Procedure – Transferring Works

October, 2015-

Currently, the transfer of photography works is carried out only at exhibitions…