Project Meteoroscape


■ Overview

Welcome to the lands’ end of the Internet!

This is an exhibition hall for a contemporary art. METEOROSCAPE, the concept art at the core of this project, means that the scape of every possible phenomenons between Heaven and the Earth.

There, every possible decisions can be made, with just our own, so that we can say the result is getting the individuality little by little…

We boldly believe that’s our source of creativity,
and also You, who have decided to come to see US.

This is a modern art project creating ‘One and Only’ in person with such individualities in the world of duplicatable things everywhere.

Have fun! 🙂

Project Overview

Title:Project Meteoroscape
Main Creator:Itsuki Kujo
Website URL:

Photography here means “duplication”. We give a meta-perspective on our daily lives of creating or transferring “reproduction”, and re-question the meaning. That is The Project.


■ Start from creating unique photographs

Hello! It is the main creator, Kujo Itsuki!

This site is a Contemporary Art project that exhibits works on the theme of the relationship between the ‘One and its Duplications’…though I think it’s pretty hard to understand and explain.

The beginning of this project was when I was young, and said, “Let’s take a unique picture”. Then group of works on the theme of the relationship between “One and its Duplications” was created without being aware.

So if you read the story in that order, I’m sure you’ll get the whole of it.

I hope you keep up with me!

Because the relationship between the ‘One and its Duplications’ increases its importance toward the present and the future. – It’d become the key to all of us.

■ Photographic and Graphic

I regularly update my photographic work as a demonstration and application. And for convenience, the photographic work is divided into two types: [Photographic] and [Graphic].

At first glance, however, the graphic work [Photographic], the work that can only be seen in the photograph on the contrary [Graphic] and may be confused.

This classification is the difference between ‘Contemporary Art’ and ‘Design’ in my opinion.

Because those works are more meaningful as the result that the contempory atmosphere was recorded when the pictures were shot and works were created, I label them [Photoraphic], which is assumed they are photograph work of ‘Contemporary Art’.
On the contrary, [Graphic] is work that emphasizes beauty and designed aspects such as the color and form of the photography object, which is assumed as ‘Design’.

By the way, with regard to ‘Contemporary Art’ and ‘Design’, they will be handled in the item of ‘Art and Photography’ in the conceptual work page.

■ Recommended Photographic Works

■ Transfer as performance

In this project, after taking up the common recognition that there is no substantial value in the infinitely replicable thing, we dare to take action of the transferring “photographic work” as performance, which appears to such a thing, so that we show you the conceptual work [relationship between the one and its duplications]. Although the transfer process may seem strange from the existing approach, it is critically a necessary effort for us to be “individual” for the present age and the future when replicable things are to be filled up .

■ Feedback

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