Transferring Works

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ Transfer Procedure

Currently, the transfer of photography works is carried out only at exhibitions.

1. Please fill in the “譲渡証明書” note at the reception.

We will record the transfer information of the work. The personal information you provide will be strictly managed, operated, and disposed of by this project, and will not be used for any other purpose.

2.Please check the size of the work

The price is calculated by the unit price and the short side length of the work size. In addition, the unit price setting is divided into two types: when the paper size fits in A3+ (329×483 mm) and when it exceeds it, and as of December 2020, the former is set as ¥310/mm and the latter as ¥910/mm. Taxation such as consumption tax is calculated separately, and when transferring including framed amounts, a frame fee will be added.

3. During and after the exhibition period

If you determined to keep it during the exhibition period, please wait until the end of the exhibition. After the exhibition, the work will be transferred and the original “譲渡証明書” entered will be returned. Please choose the return method that is convenient for you, either by delivery or by revisit the exhibition one hour before the end of the session so that we hand it to you directly. In the case of mail, it will be about 2 weeks until the arrival of the work.

4. Start publishing transfer information

After the transfer is completed, the work information and the [nickname] listed in the “譲渡証明書” will be published on the above website “Transfer Record” page ( Anyone can check it with a smartphone, etc.

5. Exchange correspondence and change of registration information

If aging is recognized, please contact us in advance and mail the work and the original “譲渡証明書”. Exchange is possible within the exchange limit (please bear the mailing cost). You can also change your registration information. Please also contact us in advance and mail the original “譲渡証明書”.

■ Precautions

■ About the protection of personal information

The personal information you provide will be strictly managed, operated, and disposed of by [Project Meteorscape] (hereinafter called “Meteoroscape”) and will not be used to deviate from the purpose for which it will be used for project activities. In addition, the privacy policy is governed by the privacy policy set out on the website operated by Meteoroscape  (

■ Terms and Disclaimers

The terms and disclaimers at the time of the contract are governed by the website’s Terms and Conditions. In any case, the upper limit of the provider’s liability shall be the amount actually paid at the time of transfer of the work.

■ Copyright Matters

All matters related to rights and obligations are in accordance with the laws of Japan, and copyright matters are the same. In addition, the copyright and the moral rights of all works belong to the author, Kujo Itsuki. The transfer of a work means the transfer of the right to transfer the work to the last, and it is not the transfer of the right to reproduce the work.

■ The idea of exchange correspondence

The exchange of works is part of the communication art. It has a different nature from the so-called quality assurance, and therefore is not affected by its business practices. Please enjoy it as a piece of art.

■ Scope of warranty

All services offered may be suddenly suspended without prior notice. If you pay the price by applying, the scope of the guarantee until the transfer of the work of the work is assumed to be the scope of the guarantee, and the content exceeding it becomes an additional service by the provider’s discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

■ Others

  • After applying, we will not be able to respond to returns.
  • The website may become unable to be viewed temporalily due to maintenance, etc.
  • If you encourage the author once in a while, the website will last a long time.
  • Enjoy!

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