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それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ Members of This Project

Itsuki Kujo

Photographer / Contemporary Artist. Based on his photographic works, he creates works that look at our daily life from a metaphysical point of view, in which we make and transfer reproductions, and reexamine the meaning of these reproductions. Caffeine addict 🍙.


Writer, who is inspired by photographs at all times. “Handling words very cleverly. She may be an AI girl, I definitely doubt that.” added Itsuki, reading Japanese comic books. Lacked ‘o’, however.

Jun Ishida

Designer who deals flyers and logo designs in general. Freelancing for 3 years, have good reputation in publicity works for stores as his background. At the same time, writes juvenile novels and one of which holds the title “SHIBAZAKURA”. Lives in Tochigi, Japan.


Art director majoring in Advertising, who likes bread and coffee. My strong point is a wide working territory, like plotting projects from top to the bottom, drawing illustrations left and right, which could be my weakness, I wonder sometimes…Now I’m searching for a life to work with my favorite peoples.


We run Cafe Gallery Kinone in Osaka Nakazakicho. I am also working as a designer and drawing artist. Everyday I am planning interesting projects and trying to encourage artists and designers to get involved with it.

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■ Exhibition Notes

「岐路の時代 TOKYO2016/TOKYO2020展」Notes

2021 JANUARY 27 (WED) - JANUARY 31 (SUN)

“This Photo exhibition is a journey to find the One and Only in Tokyo, where anything around you is ‘Reproduced”…

■ History

2013. 05News Report on The Seizure of Mount Gox Assets
2013. 10Get inspired by a project
2014. 06Get domain (
2015. 03Production begins
2015. 08Start publishing to search engines
2015. 09Announced the completion of the site
2015. 10The first work transfer
2016. 06Exhibition『夏木立展』
2016. 09Web site updated since guestbook had been stopped
2016. 11Made it clearer that this website contains “contemporary art” works
2017. 02Logo change / Artist Statement added
2017. 10Exhibition『メテオロスケープ展』
2019. 01Official registration of “Kujo Itsuki” as a personal business
2019. 02Exhibition『兆し、或いは魔の山にて展』
2019. 07Exhibition『シュレーディンガーのパラソル展』
2019. 10Project Name was shortend from “Meteoroscape Photographica” to “Meteoroscape”
2021. 01Contemporary Art Photo Exhibition『岐路の時代 TOKYO2016/TOKYO2020展』
2022. 06“火焔_14” is selected for the 78th GEN-TEN Exhibition.
2022. 09Exhibition『愁篇ノスタルジア展』and published a book;『個性と創発』
2023. 03Participated in the group exhibition “AXIS WEST 2023”
2023. 05“The Algorithm in Motion” is selected for the 79th GEN-TEN Exhibition.
2023. 07Project closure.

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