Artist Statement

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ Introduction

The beginning was the Internet, I wonder. 

Or it was the adventure novel I used to borrow from a little town library in my boyhood.
Perhaps it was those bucketful of treasures found out by the seashore, an old summer diaper days.

It was Japanese Animations or Characters in Manga, who were whispering the fate of us – ‘pedestrians’.
And it was those Pornographies, Musics or Movie titles, which we started to download unlimitedly and freely from one day.

It was, in turn, wasted Higher Educations and Hamburger Jobs. And it was, turn into, Terrorisms and Disasters as a result of excess concentrations.
All what meant was just one thing; 

– It was the ‘Duplications’.

“I have ever been caught in the ‘Duplication’ traps again and again that feeds me a brief wealth and consequent nightmares.
Just like the tale of ‘Goose that lays golden eggs’, a Greece sage once told!”, a standardized worker murmured.

Since then, I began to be interested in Photography.
Photography exemplifies ‘Duplications’ of lives however, seemed to me telling a secret of lives at that time.

It could have been just lazy gap years or strays without a ray of hope however,
the journey without a ray of hope itself rose me up till this day.

So now, No, more than the past, to the world entire materiality is to be ‘Duplicated’ in the end,

I decided to it rebel against,

Itsuki Kujo

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