One and Only

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

One more thing,

1. “Art Embankment Plan”

So, you wanna arrange your room like “Super Duper”? Great! First of all, of course, you choose furnitures to set them on. But you’ll be uneasy if the room was occupied by essentials only. You knew the Art Works can make up that gloomy ditch. Sometimes even better. Why not?

All right, physics matters. Since your space and the size of Art Works are both already fixed, you have to choose the one depending on your fixed space. You may not find it as a result. That’s why we suggest the “Art Embankment Plan” for Interior Design.

Why you choose “Art Embankment Plan”?

1. We create works to fit your flame. They are the only ones for you!
2. Replacement option is inclusive. Free from care of sunburns!

Really? If it were realizable, we would’ve had such plans already! You may say it, and you are quite right! The plan is built with 2 secret tricks that had never been performed in usual. Here we’ll reveal them all to you! Don’t miss it!

One thing we tell you is this – “We create works to fit your flame” means “The bigger you choose to enlarge the work, the more authentically we provide it”. 

What exactly does this mean?

As a general rule, we rarely supply originals let alone to the others. We proceed them to the compressed forms and substances. This is because instinctively we knew that defective primitives are needed to be concentrated forms. They should turn into those “perfect” drops, closer at least.

For example, have a look at an image right.

You see a scratch on the surface diminishes in the smaller picture. On the contrary, extra faults you can notice emerges in the enlarged ones. Eventually we fight with the faults to retouch for perfection till the end of the space… So this is the common sense barrier. To change the size of photographs is more difficult than you think. It seems that we are not living in such a perfect and faultless world.

But we’d like to say that this is just perfect!

The reason is that those noticeable faults on the enlarged surfaces only can distinguish false from genuine pictures. If that scratched surface was photoshopped for perfection, you couldn’t tell a photo and a CG apart,could you? CG is crafted ‘seemingly perfect’ at the first hand.

So, the bigger the work, the more difficult to mimic it, or you could rephrase it, the more valuable the work becomes as the One and Only in the world. This is the secret point 1 for our “Art Embankment Plan”.

Then, the secert point 2 is this; “Replacement option is inclusive” means “We will maintain the minimum value of the work for a certain period of time and protect it from infringements”.

Let’s say our option promises replacements for 2 times, shall we? So if the work you get is damaged by inevitable sunburns, you can exchange it. This action parallels to differenciate from negative duplications which is made for short term encashment, which means the minimum value of the work is maintained for a certain period of time whatever happens.

In turn, you are to be asked for the “Web Registration”. It can truly guarantee the genuineness of the work no matter what size you choose. This is the “Art Embankment Plan” secret point 2.

 “Art Embankment Plan” Summary

1. You can enlarge the work as you like. The bigger, the closer to the “Original” state it would be.

2. “Web Registration” allows you chances to exchange, not to mention it maintains genuine values.

Lastly, let us introduce the “nod to purchase” flowchart!

2. “Flowchart”

  1. Nod: Find the picture!
  2. Measure: Measure up the size of the frame before you determine the size of the contents.
    Estimate: Offered by the unit rate per size.
  3. Order: Simply contact us and tell what’s yours and its size.
  4. Purchase: Receive the invoice and make payment.
  5. Register: Get the work and register to the web.

NOTE: We set that the minimum size for our work is 195mm (*metric system) for short side and 285mm for long side. Unless the work is met this rule, apologies but we don’t include it to the Web Registration. The price is offered by the book demonstrated bellow.

The unit rate is fixed into 2 classes and the paper size determines the class. If either side of paper is bigger than A3+ (329mm x 483mm), it is treated as the “ORIGINAL”, no matter the content size. Price is to be calculated with the unit rate multiplied by the content’s short side length.

PAPERShortside 195mm-
Longside 285mm-
CONTENTShortside 195mm-
Longside 285mm-
UNIT RATE¥110/mm ¥310/mm

The unit rate is fixed into 2 classes and the paper size determines the class. If either side of paper is bigger than A3+ (329mm x 483mm), it is treated as the “ORIGINAL”, no matter the content size. Price is to be calculated with the unit rate multiplied by the content’s short side length.

For instance, an A4 borderless print needs 210mm x 297mm paper, less than A3+. So, REGULAR class unit rate ¥110 is to be applied and the content’s short side length is 210mm, which means…

¥110/mm x 210mm = ¥23,100-

Then, if the paper is B3 and the content is B4, the work is to be classified as the ‘ORIGINAL’. The unit rate ¥310 is applied and the content’s short side length is 257mm, therefore…

¥310/mm x 257mm = ¥79,670-

That’s all.

Someone may say it’s too expensive, while the others claim it’s far too humble dumble. This is just an example. We hope this “Art Embankment Plan” activate the freedom of design and the enthusiasm for decoration more than ever!…


“Kon-nichiwa” to the people who are distressed with the unshared feeling that your hardest works are wrongly underestimated, “Hajime-mashite” to the people who have the brief that “All the contents are belong to us” and they must be set free for sharing. How difficult to ‘share’ the views! Have you been able to share the story written at the last chapter, “Art Embankment Plan”? In this chapter, we will see why this seemingly rediculous plan comes to handy to all.

How about kicking start from the affairs around us? When you make something beauty or get anything beasty, you may want to share it, don’t you? Like, you take pictures of Frappuccino at Starbucks and upload them to that Facebook.

Then, assume that you were the one who is given something. Something huge cardboard-full of BANANAs, how would you say? Suddenly your dining table’d be occupied by the troops of fed up BANANAs everyday. “Been to Panama? He such a meaner!”

On the contrary, if the gift was that Diamond Ring like One and Only, you might even tell him, “Marry ME!”.

You can tell, in other words, between presenter and receiver, the relationship is owed by the scarcity of the tossed things.

OK. We totally understood it well. Though, on the second thought, we should realize that those Photographs can be duplicated easily. They look like many. Therefore it could be said photos are the same as BANANAs in fact. That’s why we would like to share the view. The view about the relationship between the original and duplications.

Because, “There are 2 ways to be the One and Only”.

So, obviously there is something One and Only. They are regarded as valuables which are physically hard to duplicate, such as Gold and Diamonds. Historically speaking, Books and Peppers used to be rare and evaluated as precious things. What an irony of history, then, one day someone made machines to copy them for good reason. Consequently the value of copied things turned down low. Of course, inventions always have the good side and bad side. But the goose that lays golden eggs is in fact tends to commit suicide, it seems.

Back in reality, forge gold was the big issue for Kingdoms at past. “Minister, you one day told me you are the smartest in Kingdom. Solve it at once!” said the King. Good Lord, the Minister had to conquer the issue at once, otherwise he had beheaded!! He thought and thought and thought… And got thunder struck, crying “EUREKA!”

He found the way to keep that One and Only value.

That is, Kingdom controls the distributed amount of gold, moreover bad forger must be chopped off, No marcies. Since then, the Kingdom remains in peace. The King and the Minister lived happily ever after…

Well, not bad at all, really. Nowadays we see such Kingdoms every day dealing Cash, Books, Music, Games, etc. But, hold on, isn’t it too difficult in practice? Yes, controlling duplicatable things is not an easy task. Actually Kingdoms must have the strong power, dominate on high technique, and rely on overwhelming material advantage. So, Nations and Global Companies alike only can play the role.

Regardless of merit, this is A way to manage the relations between the original and duplications certainly.

So far so good. Let’s move on to the photography. Frankly speaking, can photography be the One and Only?

Are photos physically hard to duplicate? – NO (Almost)
Are photos able to be controlled by Kingdom? – YES (Maybe)

Therefore, the answer is YES. Nicely concluded, provided that you ignore the inconvenient truth. We are very sorry to say that photographs are the same as BANANAs unless they are under control by Kingdom. 

The end.

…No doubted.

However, common sense sometimes reforms to the new. Cardboard-full of BANANAs can be turned into useful breakfast when they are dried. We’ve got a clue already. – It’s ‘Cash’. We knew that they announced “BitCoin” can treat deals without central banks.

Always Currency was the National Basic. The strong central bank governs the amount of money. The police watch the criminals commit forgery. The national highest technology is hired to prevent infringements. Then, what a surprise! They claim “BitCoin” does them all.

To begin with, the amount of “Coin” is governed by the program (21 million for total). Forgery would be detected by the block chain system, which means agreement histories are shared by all the stake holders. And all the transactions are administrated by their technical supremacy for anonymity and mass support. Greatly done! We can’t follow a piece of it at all.

However, they gave us a clue for our “Web Registration”, the ‘system’ which just a man can manage the relations between the original and duplications.

OK. Now, we are going to talk about the “Web Registration” surely. But before that, make a little detour, since it could be too simple to swallow down. Let’s rewind the film a bit, shall we? Take a closer look please, at the reason “shared agreement histories prevent forgery”, which is adopted for “BitCoin”. It’s the story of money the beginning, or in a sense, The Origin.

In the first place, how come the money system constructed? Previously a theory dominated academies that money was invented in exchange for the barter economy, although recent research suggests that money was made for the memory of debt. Yes, we may not figure out the actual details. However, it seems a research provides some clues how money system started. The story is like this;

At a small island in the southern Pacific Ocean, people use stones everyday in stead of cash. The bigger the stone is, the higher the value of it turn out to be.

One day, a certain Brave Man of the island had a good idea. If he rowed his boat to the other island of the galaxy far far away, and brought back a huge huge stone never be seen, everyone will be surprised! He rode the boat at once!

The journey was easy, till he said “mmm…I have a bad feeling about this”. What a Coincidence, he got caught in a storm just before reaching the entrance of the cove of the island. Sadly the huge stone was dropped to sink into the depths of the sea!

However, the force was with him. The journey wasn’t spoiled because all the people saw the Brave Man brought back the stone after all. People kindly admitted he was the owner of the huge stone underwater in the end. Since then, the Brave Man and Princes Leia lived happily ever after…

“Ridiculous! Stones are Rolling all over the world! On top of that, they paid for the stone sunk out of sight? How stupid!” ‘Civilized’ people may say, but the story is much more complicated than that.

First of all, there are some premises.

  1. Jobs at the island are limited.
  2. The Jobs are such as, fishing outside of the cove, fishing inside of it, breeding chickens, and collecting BANANAs.
  3. Everyone at the island know each others, who is doing what in detail.

For instance;

A man who fishes inside of the cove couldn’t catch a fish one day unfortunately. So he asked a man who collects BANANAs to exchange a stone for 3 BANANAs. BANANA dinner, today. Collecting BANANA is easy. So,the BANANA collector answered “All right, mate. I’ll return this stone when you give me a fish someday”, and handed over 3 BANANAs. Because the market rate at the island indicated that the effort for catching one fish equals the effort for collecting 3 BANANAs.

The story continues as follows;
The other day, since he seemed to row boat better than the others, the fisher was chosen to carry on the Big project of the island. That is he should bring a huge stone from the island, said to be existed in the galaxy far far away. Once accomplished, he would be the Brave Man.

Meanwhile the BANANA collector rested in peace and collected BANANAs as always, the chosen one risking his life rowed his boat over the ocean untill he returned to the island finally. Nonetheless he got bad luck just outside of the cove, the people on the island knew his effort and the agreement history of the deals. 

Thus, in spite the fact that the stone dropped to disappear regretfully, the market rate in the end indicated that his effort equals to the effort for BANANAs 365.

That is, the island people conduct transactions on the effort basis, while all the histories of the deals are shared by them without a leak. The stone money is used just for the records.

Then, what’s going to happen if a bad man tried to forge stones, who is notoriously doing nothing at home? He challenged to the BANANA collector, “Give me BANANAs! I can’t give you a stone but a huge stone I found does exist underwater there!” Certainly he wouldn’t succeed in it. 

All right, respectfully we have explained why sharing agreement histories prevent forgery. You may have found that the Brave Man is similar to you, your family, or colleagues.

To sum up, we’d say “Form matters not.” 

With some premises, people can make forgery-free transactions, and that is the point. Now, you must share the view. In case Stakeholders are dealing massive dailies around the world or the transactions must be kept behind the curtains, you need technically excellent system like “BitCoin”. 

Though, photographers or creators like us seem to make a living just like the island’s people stated above. Read through stories again replacing stone to photographs. Stakeholders and its transactions are limited. We don’t need to hide the agreement histories so much, right?

So it’s settled. “Web Registration” is incredibly easy. We ask your name in exchange for the work and make it public on the web as an owner. Just that! Consequently stakeholders can make sure the agreement histories. Likewise the owner can deal it individually, the new owner should report it to us. It’s the minimum requirement, otherwise the transactions will be ceased after any deals made without the report. 

4. “Web Registration”

  • Premise 1: The amount of reproduced prints are limited at first hand, not added later on.
  • Premise 2: The minimum price of print is determined by its size.
  • Premise 3: Stakeholders can see the index of owner, size, and the number of replacement.
  • Execution 1: We ask your name and contact. A registration card is to be issued.
  • Execution 2: We exchange works when you send back both print and its registration card to us.
  • Others 1: In case handing over the print to a new owner, you must contact us. And the new owner should send the registration card to us. We overwrite the Web Registration and send a card renewed back.
  • Others 2: We do not replace prints without registration. 

Well then, we would like to add some words in the end. The words suggest something behind. Since photographs likely act in place of stones at the island, we wondered what assumes the role of the “effort”. The answer should be “Dedication”. Basically the more you show us your enthusiasm, the higher you are evaluated… well… from us at least.

For example, smaller photographs require lesser bravery. They are cheaper and seemingly perfect, while they could be almost the same prints infringed somewhere. And to forgeries without any commitment to us, we will just guarantee nothing. Anyone want to know can tell them forgeries because the agreement histories are published on the web.

On the contrary, you need the guts for enlarged photos. They might be expensive but replacement option is inclusive. Your journey may be risky and the photo could be sank under the water in front of your eyes. However, the enlarged ones only can be closer to the original state. In other words, you own the right to maintain the value of it as the One and Only. 

In other words, this was another story that separates the One and its Duplications, which has been forgotten since our origin.

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