Calling Action

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ To make the “One and Only” “in person”.

So, have you enjoyed through the conceptual art work, the ‘One and its Duplications’ yet ? Here we propose fund raising as the next step. Because it seems that there is a prospect for ‘One and Only’, but ‘Making in Person’ seems to require different elements a little more.

This ‘One and Only’ means ‘Original’ in the “Art Embankment Plan”. It is to make a line with other existence that can be replicated indefinitely. That is, to create ‘Original’ we need number of thresholds, constructed hurdles, or something making it clear that the ‘Original’ is parted from the ever increasing unlimited duplications.

However, a number of people have told us the ’threshold’ is not enough. All right, we also have drawn it in the chapter “There are 2 ways to be the One and Only.”

Well, what we are talking is that the one more thing is…‘Sharing’.

If no one shared feeling of your things, it wouldn’t be enough for creating ‘Original’, wouldn’t it? Even if it was such a departed one from the others, it would be like a stone the man pointed out and said, “It’s My Original One”.

Nevertheless, we do not call that mass recognition is really in need. 

Since mass communication tends to represent Greatest Common Factors, basically what they are doing is upside down for us. What we are up to is to create a fact, which shows there have been some shared feeling around it, and which we all can share the incident.

That’s why we’d like to put Fundraising forward.

For handy reference, here we cite a book titled “Fundraising changes the society” written by Masataka Uo. He defines fundraising of as follows;

Fundraising is not the act of ‘begging’ but for ‘Sharing’ the feeling aroused with their society so that people are to see the ‘solution’ organized by the acting members themselves.


This is because in Japan, and some developed countries nowadays, people who have nothing to eat for today and tomorrow are few. Consumers under the Capitalism are enjoying their freedom. The usage of their money is totally up to the people. Therefore Consumption is becoming much more to resemble the Vote everyday.

The donation one day, which was typically an act of correcting devotions, is being slided to the Fundraising in this circumstance. Let them vote for good. We Can Change!

…OK, we don’t have to be a President, but you may get the idea, right? This “Fundraising” can show the fact that there have been some shared feeling around it, and if succeeded in anyway we can share it.


  1. Hold a kind of ‘Fundraising’ for holding an exhibition
    – The exhibition will be hold when it is succeeded
  2. Do not hold it till the time when we reach the goal that set by ourselves
    – It could be said that the exhibition is to be held in the far far future, like Never
  3. The time is ‘NOT’ limited
    – The date of the exhibition is to set soon after when it is succeeded
  4. Do some exercises to get votes
    – No rules
  5. Publish it occasionally how much earned
    – Share the progress

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