Artist and Designer

それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ There are an Artist and a Designer in conversation.

Itsuki : Everyone, hello again! I’m Itsuki, running the project “Meteoroscape” to re-discover the world at my shabby garage as a ‘folk craft store’ 😉 Here we’re going to talk about Design, especially about Room Design to decorate walls with Scenery Photographs.

However, I’m just an amateur on this field. So let me call haloct, who is a writer majored in Interior Design. Please give your hand, we need you!

haloct : Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is very pleasure to meet you. I’m glad to join this session, thank you very much.


Itsuki : Plotting the project “Meteoroscape”, which will encourage photographers to create DIY stores around the world. Worst habit: So childish.

haloct : Writer, who is inspired by photographs at all times. “Handling words very cleverly. She may be an AI girl, I definitely doubt that.” added Itsuki, reading Japanese comic books.

Itsuki : So, first thing first. Have you ever docorated walls with photographs? (To tell the truth, it hardly happens in Japan.)

haloct : Well, yes of course. I use photos not only as a piece of room decorations but also as a material of Design. For example, I print and paste it on furnitures.

It’s not so expensive these days, you know? Photographs are flat. Interior Designer like us feel it appealing. You don’t need to care about spaces with its use.

Itsuki : I see! Coordinator’s framework is constructed on a 3D map. I’ve never thought of that.

haloct : More than that. Collage photos to make one big picture. Enlargement is a handy tip. Try cover the wall once, with a high quality photograph if you can afford to. It’s worth doing.

Don’t you think it’s brilliant that just one picture totally change the impression?

Itsuki : (She is much keener than I thought, it seems.)

haloct : On the contrary, one picture can ruin your room. Keep balance with other furnitures. Don’t conjure up too many eye catchers. Vulgar photographs? Out of the question!

Itsuki : Well, there’re some disruptive creations in ‘modern art’ photography. But you know? They’re not intended to hung on the wall of living rooms.

haloct : And I’d say what the most is, “Never use your memorial photos”!

Itsuki : Are you serious? I definitely love it!

haloct : The reason for it is that they neither match up to the theme, nor to the season.

Itsuki : No way! OK.Let’s talk about that ‘Balance’ and ‘Theme’, then.

haloct : Good. Firstly I’d like to tell you displaying your loved picture is not enough. You should choose it so that other parts of the room, such as sofa and curtains, would harmonize with it. If the color of the sofa is green, you might wonder which to decide a nature photo like wood and flower or an artificial vivid green picture. Then you need to determine your theme before hand.

For example, you go with ‘autumn harvest’. Dominant color will be warm tone. You may dress the sofa up by spread of brown clothe. Curtains might be replaced by ones of darker warm tone. You’d like to change the lag under the sofa similarly.

How’s that? Don’t you feel that ‘autumn harvest’ little by little?

Itsuki : Actually it sounds right…!

haloct : What kind of photographs do you think would suit the room? How about maple leaves turned burning red? You’ll sense the energy of the fall season rather than the loneliness. On the contrary, if you want to stay calm a bit, I’d recommend you to hung the photo like ginkgo trees and its yellow leaves. The room will be directed to the comfort with the flashing ginkgo leaves melancholy lit by the sunlight in deep autumn.

Of course, there’re differences among individuals’ impressions. But the basic tone and manners are easy to use. Why don’t you try some from them?

Itsuki : I got it. So you say the color is the key to make arrangements or sense of the season, and so to pictures like Scenery Photographs, right?

haloct : That’s it. It’d be easier to get start from the idea what color you should pick up to your Design.

Itsuki : huh huh huh, in fact I’ve expected you say just like that! As we’ve got the branch to sort photos by their colors, I shall declare that Meteoroscape Photographica is ready to serve you!

haloct : Well then, I’ll cease the fire but just leave a suggestion; “Meteoroscape” method you’re talking is adaptable to the interior because they convey free imaginations.

Itsuki : It’s not an abnormal method, is it?

haloct : Paintings are separated in Realism and Impressionism. I understood you saying Photography have in common with it. Am I right?

Itsuki : Mmm… It could be.

What I’d really like to claim is the contradiction. They have different manners between this-is-the-place-photo and something-is-happening-in-here-photo. I knew the word ‘Decisive Moment’, but it only used for astonishing second. But Meteoroscape represents not only that spectaculars but much cozier moments.

haloct : Like floating cloud turned into heart shape?

Itsuki : I’ve seen the picture, too. Isn’t it CG? Heart shape often appear in nature, though. I wish I could take something heart-shaped someday.

…Oh, nearly time is up. Excuse me, haloct. So lastly what would you advise to the people who get a chance to add photos to their rooms?

haloct : Well, when you try to design your room by yourself, it’s a good start you decorate the wall with a photograph. At a first glance, you’ll notice the difficulties surely. Which photograph is better? What kind of furnitures would suit it?

Then, how about have a look through on this site? You may gradually notice what kind of pictures to pick up, how and where to assort them.

Itsuki : Ah, thank you for advertising!

haloct : Home must be comfortable place. Even if you are a hard worker who stay at home just for a sleep or a fashion people who have no spare money for home furnishings, home should be home. If home was a nuisance, you couldn’t put your best foot forward.

In addition, home is the best place where you express your favors. Put there Art piece you love. It will encourage you time after time. Photographs are infinite. None of clicks are exactly the same. Imagine the light flows. Make your time fabulous. Be a Designer!

Thank you.

Itsuki : Thank you, haloct! You’re the best! Thank you!

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