EXIT – Description

EXIT – Description

Scenes of “Export exploration” based on Blue and Green color

■ Description

It’s my usual pictures when coming to the sea. As mentioned in Farewell Rewinded, this year we are creating a work that dares to repeat the same subjectas the past. However, the difference is clearer because the place is the same South Izu for this “EXIT’.

On the nostalgia work, “夏休み日記“, I said no choice but to put artifacts into photographs of the seasidescape in Japan, but stores on streets are likely to be banned at least this summer.

So, this time I took such unnatural summer sceanes of natural seaside.

To tell the truth, there the car of the government office which announces to refrain from going out kept going round the whole town from beginning to end, and it was not an atmosphere that the vacation can be enjoyed with very peace of mind honestly, and it cannot help admitting that I was one of such annoying guests, though the charm of Izu is pushed out to the front in “疎と密“.

The real “Export exploration” is still a long way off.

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■ Identification

Captured Date2020.05.30
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