冒険譚 – Description

冒険譚 – Description

Scenes of “Adventurous” based on Green color

■ Description

All the boys, and some of the girls should daydream once in a life time to get on the adventure trip, especially treasure hunting to anciant ruins like novels of Jules Gabriel Verne.

Don’t you think so?

Since I used to read through such stories, I have quite a list of destination-must-to-go-someday-maybe-in-futures.

But when is the “someday”? It’s Now!

So it’s settled. Cambodia can be said relatively nearer adventurous spot from Japan. They posseses famous Angkor Wat. How lucky!

That then, flight lines were few straight to Siem Reap, the town of Angkor Wat. Without a plan, I just fried to Bangkok and strayed around cock-noisy Khaosan road. The road is notable for world travelling backpuckers’ hostels. Got to be some info to get to Cambodia by land.

My foresight was right!

There I could find a travel agent, got a shaby bus via the border, and crossed it by riding on the shaking TukTuk.

It was more than lucky the agent had told me the rumor about the underdeveloped ruin located around the Angkor Wat, not Angkor Wat itself.

So, all by chance, “Meteoroscape” pictures named later were taken, which are truly the treasure for me.

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■ Identification

Captured Date2009.07.24
LocationAngkor Wat周辺

Reproduction Limit5
ID Historycambodia, boukentan, boukentan_re
NoticeAcceptance by the Landlord might be required when these are to be transferred.

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