KYOTO ITALIC – Description

KYOTO ITALIC – Description

Scenes of “Gentiles encourage integration” based on Yellow color

■ Description


It’s all over autumn. This is one time around October, and the temperature must suddenly drop after it gets hot and hot.

So, the hot exhibition is coming up in October. I’m busy preparing so I don’t have time to take pictures, though the title page will be out of season soon if I don’t change it.

There is no other way! To cover up, I must pick up old works. The image was taken in Kyoto.

Kyoto is famous for the town that has old Japanese cultures yet, it seems more delicious to eat pizza in Italian than to eat hamo at Japanese food restaurant unexpectedly these days. In other word, the number of foreigners is increasing.

I who say such a thing is an intruder, too. Feel internationalized.

(Note: In Kyoto, you could take a picture like this from November)

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■ Identification

Captured Date2010.11.18
TitlesKYOTO ITALIC_01-02
Reproduction Limit2
ID Historykyotoitalic, kyotoitalic_re,

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