花曇り – Description

花曇り – Description

Meteoroscape photography expressed the “Light Grey”.

■ Description

The time of cherry blossom viewing has come again this year, so I took a documentary photograph. Compared to two years ago, it is a glimpse of how the mask is completely attached to the board, and compared to a year ago, it shows some feeling acceptable to some extent even if it is in a “crowded” state.

Personally, I was a little sick the day after this shooting. safety should be considered.

According to the source, the current situation of corona disasters in other countries varies from countries where masks have been abolished to countries where strong outing restrictions are still in place.

However, I felt the end of the century after a long time because there was a country which started the war suddenly without care in such a state. Every day I touched the war reports filmed in Ukraine. I think that I am a member of a very peaceful, hedonistic Japanese compared with it. Especially, I felt inferiority complex to the news cameraman..

However, the increase in the number of people viewing cherry blossom viewing compared to last year may be due to the fact that many people think that there may be no tomorrow. Therefore, I want to keep this a scenery on the other side of the history which becomes one with a serious reality tentatively.

If there was a future, I think that there is quite a taste to leave the scenery where there are people who are taking the record hard with the camera, and such a thing.

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■ Identification

Captured Date2022.4.2
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