As we had announced through Twitter, the Meteoroscape Project comes to an end on July 31, 2023!

The goal of this project was “to create one in the world by an individual”. This was, I believe, the most difficult project of the century, as we gradually revealed the hidden preconditions of the project (← “but not by alone”), overcame various obstacles, and managed to achieve the goal with the cooperation of many people.

This concept, as initially envisioned, would open up a new era, and it has grown far beyond our expectations to a scale that is far beyond the scope of any one individual. And, like many others, I was very confident that I could be involved in such a project.

Of course, the degree of accomplishment shows that we are only halfway there, and I personally still have a lot of work to do (we haven’t even reached the 300,000 yen mark, for example😥!) However, we have decided that we have already achieved a certain level of results.

Therefore, I would like to declare the end of this project. Thank you for your long term patronage!

…So, Itsuki Kujo’s personal activities will continue on a new platform. If you would like to follow me, please visit my instagram later.

Itsuki Kujo

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