それは「世界にひとつ」を探す旅 ———

■ There are 3 units of Art.

Historical Interpretation of Art 0: What is Art?

I’ll tell you a story like that. In the first place, you may tell someone in everyday conversation, “I like art.” – A danger signal. “No, I’m a little involved in art.” Then I can’t even look at it. What the hell is this guy, isn’t he/she crazy? The people around you become war-ready, and the religious war begins. Consequently swords and maces fly around.

No, I know you all value your principals, don’t you? I understand, but amateurs can talk anything in the Internet age. Anyone can feel free to insist on it, that’s now.

However, if the basic understanding is different, the quarrel begins unnecessarily. That’s not what everyone wants.

First of all, calm down.

Historical Interpretation of Art 1: Universal IDEA

So why does art make people crazy? Well, I’d like to leave the details to the experts, but I think that’s because of the long history. For example, that’s religion. It’s a long history, isn’t it? If the history is long, even if it is one at the beginning, various interpretations gradually come out. Various factions can be formed according to it. They fight for the initiative. Power goes over here and there.

Art is the same, and I think there are historical circumstances that can’t be said in a single bite. Isn’t that the source of the current killing and quarrels around it? So here we’d like to roughly divide the historical interpretation of art into three, and conclude a ceasefire agreement for each. There are three units of art. It is a theory.

I think that the word ART is derived from Western Europe, but this ART-Universal IDEA theory seems to be the most simple and universal idea of humanity.

When human beings evolve from monkeys (or God’s creation, maybe) and civilization develops, IDEA such as “true, good, and beauty” becomes a common understanding among people in Greece,China and around the world. IDEA is, in short, an image of the ultimately completed universal “beauty” as a concept, and it is only the ART that can be partially expressed it in this world, like the so-called golden ratio.

And what is the most important is how close the work is towards the ultimate “beauty”, which also determines the value of the work. Its value is universal. It is the most simple one in the sense of beauty and ugliness. The word ART contains technology, which I suppose it means something that brings you closer to the “perfection.”

In the midst of making things at any rate, there is no other way to interact with the sense inherited, which should be called “IDEA”. Therefore it cannot help saying that there is a Universal IDEA theory and a reason.

So creator of the “beauty” is the craftsmen of this path. It is artisan culture that directly succeeded the IDEA devised by Greek civilization. Historically, such a medieval period lasted for a long time.

What we want you to keep in mind here is that the “beauty” is not decided by someone else. It is assumed that there is “beauty” as one of the ultimate truths. So no matter who sees it, you can see it. In a word, “beauty” is in the average value of the preference of the general public. Now it’s Big Data. Maybe it’s about the right diagonal from it, I wonder.

Thus, there is an art sect who believes art of craftsmen is the genuine ART. In other words, this is the first concept of ART.

It is natural to make people angry when an amateur says he/she is involved in “art” in front of them who think that way. But I’d like you to wait a minute for it to erupt. This is because the interpretation of art changes greatly from here.

Historical Interpretation of Art 2: Individuality and Design

When the art was considered to be the “ultimate beauty”, or for people who are still like that, craftsmen are the lord of Justice. We also told that the period lasted for a long time. Because these craftsmen are constantly studying every day, it was thought that the grandchildren were born even through the parent-child quarrels between the ultimate and supreme, and it continued on and on. It is said that it lasted about 1000 years.

However, there were people who noticed there. They’ve gotten tired of it lately. Young forces that deny the old generation emerge. In that era, some craftsmen sometimes asked the city, “I’m a little different from the old ones around here, aren’t I?” There were many people who were conscious and unique, such as “I’m bit different from others because my left hand aches. I was bitten by a spider, perhaps” appears.

This has become a regression phenomenon in Western Europe to review Greek and Roman civilization together with, such as, science, technology and religion. It is very famous as Renaissance.

So, in those days, who on earth was the one who suddenly hit the art world of the apprenticeship system?

It was actually the Designers of what they are now. They had a brand new and powerful weapon of Individuality. This is a new interpretation of ART, which means ART is Individuality and Design theory.

(Although it is slightly timed,) of course, it’s not that far off at the beginning. Such as trick paintings, craftsmanship is as great as ever, but there are works that are a little different from what ever came out. They drew faces with vegetables, inserted a skull that is diagonally distorted into a portrait without meaning. In such an environment, such acrobats and magicians who can topping the essence of a new personality on top of the artisan base until then appeared in a thrill.

The superhero of this era is Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci left a portrait of Christ in the art of “The Last Supper” as a work of Artisan ART, but there is another famous work, and it is not a portrait of the Virgin Mary, but a portrait of “Mona Lisa” who is said to be only a woman from somewhere. That’s a masterpiece or a great “personality”, isn’t it?

In Japan, cultural underfire selves often occur in the same way as to review past cultures. For example, It is Michizane Sugawara, who is famous for his Japanese envoy to Japan, but the suspension of this overseas dispatch has brought about a national culture in Japan, which has always looked up to continental culture since Before Christ.

Now, historically, cultural scrap and build has resulted in the recognition of new individuality in traditional Artisan ART. And this new Design art seems to have evolved into orthodox as ART at first glance, preserving the traditional art of the art. Perhaps Da Vinci also said, “From now on, this is it!” He must have danced in the wind.

This art-means-design theory is strongly reflected in the progressive education industry, saying that it is important to value Individuality, and I think that they are increasing the number of sympathies every day. In addition, fashion and architecture in particular require functionality as of IDEA, but since it also requires novelty to some extent, it has become a stand-alone platform for this Design art.

So, Designers became the leaders in such a new era of ART. But unfortunately the times change greatly here again.

Designers are now defined as “Designers” rather than “Artists.” However, the barrier is very vague. For instance, even if Mucha is a Designer, Utamaro is sometimes said to be an Artist. Then, it might be people with some authority who decide the framework of art and design… especially contemporary art, which make no sense. It is natural to make people angry when an amateur says he/she is involved in “art” in front of them who think that way. You can see how “I like art” is a bombshell remark. But I’d like you to wait a minute for it to erupt.

Because We don’t know where our ART has gone.

Historical Interpretation of Art 3: Motivation and Evolution

In such a way, the age comes from the early modern period to the modern age. Then, the railroad begins to run by the carriage already. Japan is also the Meiji Restoration. Dawn of Japan! It is said, and it is necessary to have a rugged face. In the history class, the domestic hand industry switched to factory-based hand-based industry and factory-based machinery industry. The craftsmen who worked at home were replaced by the machines and mechanics.

I want you to remember the rarity value here. What is mass produced becomes worthless. The craftsmanship that should have been rare value until then questioned its truthfulness. With the development of replication technology, there was a strong earthquake hit in the art industry, which should have been safe with the strong rule of the Universal IDEA. In particular, photography technology is said to have greatly impaired the support of portrait artists. It’s about time the king system was overthrown.

In addition, there is a spread of scientific views that form the basis of such technology. Thanks to Galileo, the earth moves instead of the sun. Darwin writes Evolution. In short, the relativization of “beauty” was made, such as how human judgment is influenced by the environment, how “beauty” is a product of the custom, and there is an industry and there is destruction according to such a thing. It’s the theory of relativity 🙄

Then, it is difficult for people who are doing design as “art”. They can’t be absent-minded. The past work may have been a prototype, gradually personality becomes stronger, and it moves to a relatively more cutting-edge design and evolves. – “You said your left hand was aching, but I’m with Spider Net as well!”

I think a far eastern country called Japan is related to it a little. Well, the cross-cultural exchange at that time is not limited to Japan, but there is no doubt that the standard of foreign “beauty” flowed into Western Europe at the end of the age of discovery. They saw Geisha girls as “beautiful” women. They met people who look at the broken teacup and that are rusty and rusty, saying, “You’re doing a good job.” Meanwhile, some people among them tried drawing Ukiyoe with oil paintings.

The symbolic “art” to give an example here is Rodin’s “thinker.” It is exactly the age of “thinker”, isn’t it? So what should we do? Finally he created the bronze statue, who dared to leave from the IDEA of the sculpture that is said to be completed in Greece 2000 years ago.

Of course, he should have admired the Universal IDEA and Greek sculpture dug out from a single piece of marble. However, as a result, he committed to break up from there. He declared that this is the beginning of the Great Pirate Era.

It is a new era that brings greatness to Thought. It is “Rodin’s word” which appeals the Individuality of the work despite his art work is created with the reproduction technology used for the bronze statue. And the ART explodes among the people who received his saying purely by the time it reaches the Far East again. The worst generation is to give birth. – Is “beauty” so fixed in the first place?

Art as Motivation and Evolution was born from Individuality and Design.

That’s why someone said art is an explosion. It’s primitive art regression. Has your soul not been poisoned with cultural disturbing and can express a primitive desire? The initial motive sour was first questioned, and what kind of evolution did it go through, and what kind of work did you get to as a result? – This is the ART.

So the times have changed rapidly, and there is a feeling that history is going around, but here is the answer to “Why design is Design and art is Art?” Right. The reason is that the simple idea of Design Art has been declined, which Design is ART since it has a good balance between IDEA and Individuality.

If the initial motive is to make something useful, it is Design, and it is Art that has a sincere motive and a unique aim, and it separated it like that.

It is the modern art that work commentary plays an important role that came out through two world wars. Because people thought that the old “art” died since the reproduction technology changed the rule of the game.

“Is that making CV and a job hunting? I need money to live, and I’m interested in your business, so why don’t I do my best? I don’t think you would say such a wild thing if you were a smart craftsman” – but that’s the case.

In other words, this is the current location of ART that is thought to be unknown the whereabouts from those who are in the other two schools.

Lastly: Go Beyond Strange Arts

By the way, we sometimes think it is a little okay. This is because, the question arises who will evaluate the work that denies the Universal IDEA at the beginning and only remains with the individual’s motive. “The art that the author is saying something is just esoteric? I don’t know about contemporary art at all.” Someone says it again.

And if you do something like that, IDEA craftsmen will yell at you. There comes a person who designs does not admit it at all. “Is your motive true?” The person who forces the proof of the devil comes. Then it’s already barren, isn’t it? It’s the War.

This is the modern age when such a lot of strange art is made at a glance, but there is a different view from that, too. One of them is innovator theory. This is a theory on the spread of innovation proposed by Professor Everett M. Rogers, a sociologist at Stanford University. This socio-evolutionary theory allows us to recapture the “design” and “art” described above.

In short, Design is for early majority, it is intended to recruit people who understand widely, to solve many people’s problems, and Art is an innovator.

Why pay homage to the works? Why do we need to pay respect to the people who display toilets in museums? Does that mean anything?

The answer is that the innovation has a certain universal influence on the human race afterwards, or it is possible to make something that symbolizes it in anticipation of a universal influence on the contrary.

In addition to the serious motives and unique aims, its historical position is also called into mind to modern art, which is the “?” theory of art beyond.

Please fill your favorite words in the “?”.

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