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    hi… Tonight’s Must See Monday event feels like an important one; besides the fact of double extra credit, people here seem generally interested in the lecture taking place tonight. Walking into the First Amendment Forum today, I was shocked to see the mass amount of people crammed among the floor. I am currently stuck up on the third level sitting in a chair taken from a nearby classroom. This shows to me that finally some people may be beginning to care about these events; and if any, this one is the most important. Newton spent the event time frame discussing the entire world of Journalism: from the past to the present and everything in between. It was incredibly interesting to see how far we have come. He spoke of numerous statistics, one of which spoke out to me. It explained that half of journalist students believed there would not be any/or relevant changes in the next five years. Looking back five years ago, we are a completely different world.

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    I never thought that I would see a connection between the media cycles and science-fiction. Science-fiction always seemed like an unreal reality. Eric Newton showed that science-fiction can become reality. In his presentation he showed that the “crazy” thinking of science-fiction mirrors the technology we have today. “The Jetsons” had Skype. “Star Trek” used cell phones. “2001: A Space Odyssey” had the iPad. “The Jetsons,” “Star Trek” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” were created in the 1960s which was decades before any of these technologies were created. The 1960s were a part of Generation X whose big media medium was TV newscast. The technologies during this era included satellite, cable and video tape. These technologies were not even close to what was being presented on TV and film. Not many people would think that technology of “Star Trek” or “The Jetsons” would become a reality about four decades later.Newton pointed out that we tend base what the future will be like from what we know. In the 1960s, the people only knew a limited amount of what technology could be. Eric Newton said to predict the future we must think “crazy.” There was someone who thought “crazy” and brought their ideas to reality. These ideas shaped how we use technology and how we get our news. Each generation has grown up with a different media medium. It will be interesting to see what technologies the next generations use as a medium or what science-fiction technology will be made into reality. After listening to his presentation, the possibilities of what the future could be seem endless.

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    Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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    Tonight’s Must See Monday was a mind-blowing talk on how things from the past help shape the future in the ways we invent and create new things. Newtons main argument was that historic ideas help people come up with new ideas and that technology will only keep progressing and just get more and more advanced. Some examples of this include how “Skype” was derived from the Jetson’s t.v. show, and the cell phone was used in Star Treck, and how the Ipad was used in the movie “2001”. I will have to kindly disagree with Mr. Newton because I do not think that technology will increase that much in just 50 years, I just don’t see that happening. Mr. Newton had some great ideas on Mass Media and how it is an assembly line production of news, but changes to digital style which is no longer similar to an assembly line. He then went on to talking about Science Fiction and how scifi writers go with their imagination, which makes sense because science fiction movies are really creative. Newton went on to say that each American generation comes of age as a different news medium is rising. Another interesting fact was how about every 80 years there has been a crisis or great awakening such as news papers in magazines, and photos in newspapers. He ended his presentation with a couple of great tips for Journalism majors:1. Learn truthful storytelling in all types of media2. Master computer assisted reporting3. Watch as much Science Fiction as you can4. Fool around with a new digital tool everyday5. Rewrite the codes of ethics in your own way

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