■ Just taking normal life again


Spring, sakura… hmm.

Isn’t it a little voring? I could hear an opinion like this, but by repeating the same form, you could make one art, can’t you?

Isn’t it good to take cherry blossoms like every year?

If there are multiple works on the same subject, you can see what it was like from time to time. It might be possible to do an interesting exhibition after that.


That’s why, this time I went though around Omi Jingu Shrine. Omi Jingu shrine is the famous place for the Carta competition.

The “Carta” means nothing about medical issues but traditional Japanese playing cards.

– Carta consists of 200 pieces of 100 pieces of reading cards and second-line cards of the same number in total. Portraits of the Yamato-e-ish painting and the 31-syllable Japanese poems are written down on the surface of reading cards, and only the latter half of these poems are written all to the second-line cards. Choose a reader, then he/she reads the poems aloud one at a time so that you may start looking for the second-line cards, which are placed on the ground. –

You know what, Nintendo is one of the major manufacturers of this “Carta”.


So, in this work, I took some of the Cartas of scenery that seemed to disappear. Of course, due to the new coronavirus.

Though, these pictures are paradoxically proof that Japan is hardly affected. At least, by now.

I hope we find an early solution.





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