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「『複製可能な物』をマネジメント」とは、当プロジェクトの核となるガイドライン「One and Only」の項で述べられているとおり、法や権力・技術などが担っており、現在も空気や水のように当然享受されています。しかしそれらは原理的に大多数の追従者に一元化を促すものであるため、ときに抑圧や可能性の逸失という弊害も避けられません。そこで法にも技術にも立脚していない、ただ「一個人の力で」それを実施するという特殊な状況を創りだすということ自体が、潜在する未来の美とその可能性を保護するベースとなることができるのです。

続いて2点目。まず用途による分類との弁別は、ガイドライン初項「How to Photograph Landscapes,or Not.」でもあるとおり、撮影者にとっては必須の、一種の心構えとなっています。続いて風景写真を分解することで、不明瞭領域の存在と意義を明確にし、ランドマークとその関連コンテンツに関する統制を免れた「一般に撮影可能な領域」を確保。ひいては視覚映像文化の醸成に貢献しています。





Achievements so far and our Purposes

Here we sum up achievements into 3 dots.


1. We’ve created the situation in which just one man stand manages ‘duplicatable things’, and proudly proclaim it is the world first record.

2. We’ve divided the classification of photography into 2 segments, which are the class by roles and the class by subjects, so that we were able to propose the brand new classification of scenery photography.

3. The number of comments to us is now (at 26th Dec, 2017) up to 146,445 in total and still counting with respect of huge impact to our society internationally.


So what is the purposes of all these? Let us explain.

One thing first. What is the reason we have created the situation “in which just one man stand manages ‘duplicatable things’” ? You may see it if you resolve this sentence into two parts. That is, “manages ‘duplicatable things’” and “in which just one man stand”.

To manage ‘duplicatable things’, we have already got some useful systems in use. Those are laws, governments, and techniques, as we stated it in the guideline chapter 6. ’One and Only’. However these systems inherent the inclination of uniformity, therefore we sometime lose future opportunities and diversity inevitably. That is why we weight the situation “in which just one man stand” other than laws or techniques. We see that in such situation only we would be able to foster unknown possibilities in the near ‘singular’-ed future.

Next, classification of photography. Role and Subject are different in terms of aspect of oneself. Role is a matter of functions to others and Subject is a matter of determinations of self. To some extent, as those recognitions should be essential to all photographers as much as cameras and lens, we indicated it in the guideline chapter 1. ‘How to Photograph Landscapes,or Not.’ And studied how come unnoticed subjects are unnamed yet afterwords. Accordingly, we can see the area now where all photographers can shoot it freely in public whereas photo-shooting tends to be prohibited or controlled at landmarks these days.

Lastly, we thank you all for your concerns because this project is intended to make a Modern Art for all the future mankind.

We are struggling to continue this project, so please be cooperative! Thank you very much :)


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