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プロジェクト名称 :メテオロスケープ・フォトグラフィカ
キャッチコピー  :世界にひとつには2通りある。
作家       :九条いつき
主な活動場所   :インターネット上(http://www.meteoroscape.com/)
作品形態     :アート&デザイン
活動内容     :



Welcome to “Meteoroscape Photographica”.


Meteoroscape Photographica is an Art Project, which has a scope that you should see from the entire experience of this site throughout.

Have fun! :)


Project Name : Meteoroscape Photographica
Quote : “There are 2 ways to be the one and only.”
Main Creator : Itsuki Kujo
Place to exhibit: On the internet(http://www.meteoroscape.com/)
Form : Art & Design
Contents :
We do perform our acts under the theme; Relations in between the one and its duplications, which is important now and severely so in future. One part of this site is the exhibitions of the Photography works created in person. This is usual “Art” act, or could be rephrased as Designing. The other is the movement that just one person manages these “copy”s, which we recognize as Performing Art.